The New and Improved Franchise Site

Welcome to the new and improved Ovenu franchise site for Australia!

We’ve been working on making the website easily accessible and better looking to boot – let us know what you think or if you’re having any problems. Our newly redesigned “Register Your Interest” form on the right should make things much easier for those looking for more information, so go ahead and give it a try.

We also wanted to bring your attention to three resale opportunities currently awaiting a new owner. These are all established franchises with years of building strong customer bases – essentially you get to shortcut the first few years of your company!

John Portelli is retiring, leaving a franchise behind in Success that he has worked on for three and a half years.

Kent Rackham is relocating from the Western Suburbs, leaving behind his four-year-old franchise. He has been operating in the suburbs from the West of the City over to North Fremantle.

And Richard Smith is looking to sell on his business in the Northern Suburbs, with the sale price of $49,950 including a 2010 Holdon Combo van and three years worth of clients.

For any more information about how much these businesses are selling for, and exactly what the packages include, please get in touch with Bernard on 1300 683 682.