How Funny – In an odd sort of way!

Wouldn’t mind a dollar for each time we’ve seen this type of confused nonsense …..
“We’re not a franchise we are a local, family run business”

Dear, oh dear…. Or should that be DOH?
What on earth do the publishers of these statements mean?
What are they trying to suggest?
Have they no idea?
Evidently not ….
All local area franchisees are regular, normal people running their own branch of a business with the help and support of a larger organisation behind them offering tried, tested and trusted ways of being successful.
Franchisees benefit significantly by being correctly & effectively trained in their chosen career path and will very often (if not always) benefit from economy of scale purchasing power to pass on savings to customers and they’ll offer exemplary levels of customer service to boot.
And by the time you’ve added on a few extra fringe benefits, what’s not to love about the idea of dealing with a franchise ….. the ultimate, local, family run business?

Comically, I think you’ll find that the authors of the crass statements highlighted at the start of this short article probably use franchises almost daily and haven’t got a clue that they are doing just that – Maccas anybody ??